Main Services

Rock & Soil Stabilisation

HySpec Shotcreting has completed many stabilisation projects meeting engineering,quality and program requirements.
With 30 years of experience in all forms of slope stabilisation we are competent in the use of rock/soils nails, differing types of reinforcing mesh, drainage and shotcrete concrete.

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Basement Work Commercial

HySpec Shotcreting installs thousands of square metres of finished shotcrete walls every year. We have in house teams who complete works such as steel fixing, drainage, shotcreting spraying and finishing works to the concrete.
Finishs can be off the gun and wood float or trowel finish.

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Basement Work Residential 

HySpec Shotcreting undertakes soil erosion and stabilisation works to the underside of residential properties. We use either reinforcing mesh combined with shotcrete concrete or shotcrete concrete mixed with polyfibres to gain the necessary strength.

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Culvert / Dam Lining & Remediation

HySpec Shotcreting undertakes and completes a number of culvert and dam projects each year. We have fully lined or repaired culvert/dams with shotcrete concrete. We have also sprayed the perimeter of dams to stop soil erosion from rain or overflowing water.

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River/Sea Front Reclamation/Revetment Walls

HySpec Shotcreting has been involved in the reclamation and/or the construction of revetment walls along river/sea fronts using the shotcrete technique.

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Artificial Rock Walls

HySpec Shotcreting has completed a number of artificial/faux rock walls. We can shape the shotcrete concrete a number of ways to suit the customers preference and also add different colours to blend in with the surroundings

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Swimming Pool Spraying

HySpec Shotcreting has completed the shotcreting and shaping of literally hundreds of swimming pools over the years.

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Concrete Pumping

HySpec Shotcrete undertakes line pumping for blockfill, slabs and other domestic works.

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Welcome to HySpec Shotcreting

HySpec Shotcreting are a leading provider of Shotcrete and Concrete Pumping services for the South East Queensland region, including Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We also extend our services to Northern NSW.

HySpec Shotcreting offers a wide range of concrete applications which includes:

  • Rock and soil stabilisation using Shotcrete, Rocknails and reinforcing steel
  • Basement work Commercial (reinforcing steel, strip drains and shotcreting)
  • Basement work Residential (soil erosion protection, underpinning and strengthening)
  • Dam lining and remediation
  • Underground water tanks
  • River front reclamation
  • Artificial Rock walls
  • Swimming Pool spraying (Shotcreting and shaping)